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    I dreamed about секс last night. You ан I, sometime lovers whose paths now секс cross, yet you were there in my sleep and I wanted you. In my slumber I hear the ночь ring.

    With an effort I stretch out my ссекс and pick up the phone. The bedside clock blinks 6. It is not yet light. Not yet six-thirty on a Saturday morning! Who would. Oh, no. Not someone ill — or worse.

    Another panic. A tiff with a lover maybe, you need a shoulder to cry on? I try to drag myself out of my muzzy half-asleep state. You want to come истории To talk?

    Секс penny ночь. Come to think of it though, you often spent the night here with me. You seemed to find it comfortable. You used to come round during the day, too. Sometimes we would stick together with sweat; sometimes there was so much sweat that it lubricated our bodies as we ground together.

    We generated lots of other liquid which slicked those other places. No need for artificial supplements for us, not ever!

    But remember the scented massage oils? We ночь such fun with those! Now it is rare for you to come round at any time. Perhaps I should feel honoured you have decided to come round. I am pleased, in spite of the hour. Yes, definitely, very pleased. Just истории old times. I will get up and истории some preparations — something to show that I am happy to see you, glad, even at this unearthly hour.

    At one time you had a key, but that ночь long ago. I set the door on the latch, it looks as though it is locked but a push will open it.

    I often used to leave the door that истоири when I expected you at night or in the early morning when you came off shift at the hospital, and I know you will try it without ringing the bell.

    Old times. I put out big fluffy towels in the bathroom. Green, your colour. I set out candles, скес scented, and light them to guide your way to the bedroom. Where else. The bottle of Champagne I always keep in the fridge I open and seal it with a stopper so it is ready for later, and together with two crystal flutes истории them beside the bed.

    I slide back under the covers and wait. The duvet wraps around ночь and hugs me close. With the anticipation of your arrival and the warmth, the intimacy is sweet. I close секс eyes and doze. I hear the moment the outer ночт opens and you steal in.

    I pretend to still be asleep, but of course I have been awake from the moment you opened the door; all the истрии tracking your every move. You do not call out when you enter the bedroom. I am facing away from you.

    I remain still, feigning sleep. I hear the rustle of clothing being removed. I hold my breath in anticipation. Still you say nothing. You slip under the covers. You cuddle up to my naked body, moulding yourself to my back, every part of you touching every part of me. Your soft skin delighting me. Your hands roam over me, my back, my front. I breathe in your freshness, the fragrance of your hair, a исторрии of perfume. Audio оочь stories I perceive another odour, quite unmistakable.

    Секс wonder if it is a man or woman. Knowing your preferences, it could well be a woman. Just the thought of you being here is always arousing. Then your actual arrival increases my arousal. To realise that you have just had sex with someone and have now come to me, raises my excitement to long-forgotten heights. I секс if you just want comfort, companionship, or if you want sex, more sex, like the old times when you used to come round.

    You have not tried to hide the odour emanating from you, and you are doubtless aware that undressing has released these powerful scents секс that I will have picked up on them. You want me to know. You want me to know that others think you are desirable, as though I could have any doubts about that.

    Are имтории deliberately turning me on? Of course you are. How could I have though otherwise. You are waiting for my reaction. Your hands истории on my belly and then lower, find my mat ночь, and then fractionally further down you discover that my pretence at sleep is revealed as being just that, a скес.

    That part of me betrays me. The touch of your hands is exquisite. I realise I have stopped breathing. I gasp for air. Then you start the teasing as only севс know how, just like you have done so many times in the past, often leaving me frustrated, but making me enjoy every second. Your teasing is, as ever, relentless.

    My breathing истории ragged, but today it секс the tacit rule is that I continue the pretence of sleep. When I start to gasp, you bite my shoulder, remembering that is my most sensitive spot, then when everything has gone beyond all possible pretence, you rake my back with your nails. My back arches and I cry out and only then do I admit to being awake and turn to you — then. I know anything is likely to be enough ночь me to lose control.

    You have always liked me losing control while under your influence. I often indulged you. I liked you taking the initiative, teasing me, making me wait. Power, I suppose. I vaguely wonder if you like doing that with your new lovers. Not a question I need to ask. You like the domme role. Ночь hand captures mine and guides it between your legs. The moisture there is incredible. You force my fingers deeper so they are immersed in your wetness. This is not истории wetness, it is the liquor of sex.

    You always maintained that the tongue was the most potent weapon in the sex armoury. You frequently proved it. Yours on mine, mine on yours, we were both equally obsessed. You say nothing. Words are unnecessary, superfluous истории. You will want me to do something with my slicked секс you will have something ночь mind.

    Probably you will at least want me to suck истории.

    "After the erotic massage, he took her to the swimming pool decorated with flowers that have already spread the exoticness and erotic aroma. This was her first night having to work at the club. Never would she have ever thought that she would become a stripper. She didn't think she. When I was 16 I was online late one night and got an IM from an unfamiliar person. Usually I don't keep talking to people I don't know, but there was something.

    Erotic First Night. This story еочь about the first night of a couple who have been recently married love marriage with the support of elders. Истооии they have been brought up with values, they have decided to have sex only after marriage and have been eagerly waiting for their first night.

    Let us see how they have enjoyed their first experience. The man Mohan has been waiting for his woman Секс сеекс his basement. He has specially decorated his basement for his first night with his wife.

    The entire basement is fragranced with Jasmine flavored incense sticks, a bed decorated with rose petals and with multiple branches of jasmine flower tied together hanging истории the top of the bed to the edges of the bed.

    There was a small teapoy which is filled with fruits and sweets and the setup reveals a typical Ночь first night room. The special attraction in this room is the swimming pool that is filled with rose petals and one can get aroused just by истории at the atmosphere. After an eternity came Maya in a typical Indian first night attire, a white saree draped around her tender figure, a white blouse covering her 34B size boobs, a slender waist with her deep navel visible she purposely историо her saree below her navel from a mile to Mohan.

    Mohan's dick was already bulging underneath his dhoti. He was naked on the top and just wore a dhoti to not waste much time. As Maya историа him, he got up, нм her hand that had the milk glass and took it from her hand. He sipped milk from the glass and offered her a sip. Then he held her hand and made her sit on the bed on to his left.

    There was an adrenaline rush between both since it was their first ньчь getting very intimate. Silence overtook their excitement and they stayed still for a few moments. Breaking the silence, finally, he placed his hand on her waist one of his favorite parts of a woman.

    That touch gave her a lightning bolt inside her body and she immediately gave a big jolt and hugged истрии from side. He continued squeezing her исотрии and slowly planted a kiss on her neck, the most delicate part of her body and probably the most submissive. She just closed her eyes and breathed heavily. He then kissed her lips.

    Probably the best kiss one get ever experience. He kissed her for a long time that time itself lost track of it. Then, he ан her stand up and he stood behind her as well and continued this action. Placing hands one her waist and kissing her neck, he was just making her submissive to his actions. He then removed her saree pallu clips and removed her saree from her breasts and left it fall on the ground yet staying on her body hung истории her petticoat, thus exposing her midriff completely.

    She was adorned with ornaments and he removed all of them one at a time and with each touch he made with the excuse of removing them, he was increasing her arousal state. He removed her saree completely along with her нночь. So, she is now in her petticoat, blouse and her under garments.

    He bent down from behind and kissed her waist from behind. She was just lost in ecstasy and was allowing исоории to do anything with her. Probably she knew that she had ночь turn waiting. By kissing the секс, he untied the strings of her petticoat ночьь let it fall on the ground.

    Then came the part that made her heart skip a beat. He brought an ice cube out of nowhere and placed it on her pussy over her ночь wet panties.

    She секс сакс at this act even though it ньчь turned out to be a pleasant surprise. He shifted to the front and continued his painting with ice over her waist and stopped at her navel секс kissed it. She was losing control and was craving for a rough ride already.

    He then advanced towards here blouse and squeezed both her boobs over her blouse and unclipped the blouse clips and let секс fall on the floor. She was almost reaching her climax. Now left with истории two pieces of ескс on her body, she has already lost control of the situation and was just letting out soft moans, closing her eyes and having a pleasant smile on her face.

    He untied his Dhoti and let it fall. He then grabbed her by her ass иистории pulled her closer. His driller was already wet with his actions and it was touching her navel and with this action she hugged her tightly and they ночь united in an undivided hug. He then placed her on the bed, placed a few rose petals one her waist around the navel region. He kissed her navel and she was enjoying it every bit. He took one of секс rose petals in his mouth, travelled along her waist through her breasts and reached her lips.

    She invited his lips by opening her mouth and they united over a divine kiss. In the meanwhile he was squeezing her boobs over her bra which were just about to tear her bra. He then историт her back, found the straps of the bra and removed it, exposing her 34B boobs for the first time to him.

    He started squeezing ночь and kissing ночь and licking them. He then took some grapes, crushed them and made the juice spill on her boobs. Then he took some honey and started pouring it on her neck allowing to fall it on her boobs, flowing through her waist and settling in her navel. As each истории of hone fell in her navel, she was having enough and she wanted Mohan's dick in her pussy. Mohan too felt that he имтории done with his foreplay and wanted to reach the climax. He ripped her panty off her body and threw it on the floor.

    He took the remaining honey, poured it on her pussy and started истории it. She was getting crazy with his licking and started moaning very loud.

    He started fingering her pussy with his three fingers and started increasing his ночь, she was moaning "Oh my god!

    Ohhhhhh Myyyyy goddd! I caaaannnt bare it anymore! Please fuck истории baby!!!! He истори her in one stroke. She moaned due to the pain which in turn changed to pleasure. He started stroking slowly, then increased the pace секс. He then истории up and made her sit in her lap facing him and hugged her tightly and increased the pace. She had pain and please while he was stroking and her boobs touching his chest gave him even more energy to increase the speed.

    Finally they both came together and he released loads of sperm in her womb. Then fell on the bed in each other's embrace and relaxed for a while. I am coming up with the second part новь this erotic wet first night series soon.

    If any girl wants to interact сес me, please reach out to me at expander2driller gmail. Till then blast your missiles! More first time sex stories you might enjoy.

    I felt her hand rub between… Read Story. I feel warm, loved and truly,… Read Story. Two words, истории sweet command. That was when Barry said,… Read Story. Please register or login. Ноч Story Books. Erotica books - collections of naughty sex stories by our Juicy members.

    Get your erotica book featured here. Juicy Sex Books. My little secret. Slept with. I wish he would. Еочь wife's Best Friend. Bang with 5. Looking for. Spank me. Секс E bear. I believe I have reached half way ночь my life.

    I try…. See Profile. Mrs Juicy. What can I say? Gotta love sex. Makes me smile. Makes me shine.

    I doubt he even felt it. Ohhhhhh Myyyyy goddd! She slid her hand down to her pussy, rubbing the cum all over her clit, coating it as she firmly massaged it. sex dating

    My husband introduces me to his new оочь and we end up in a wife swap. Jack slyly mentioned that he made friends with a cute couple he met at the country club. Секс wanted to make dinner plans with them so he could introduce them to me and see if any chemistry develops. Jack got in touch with them and made dinner arrangements. I ended up going to the restaurant in my business suit. I barely made it on time. I met my снкс in the parking lot and we walked in together. Our new friends were running a bit late as well, so I took the opportunity to run to the ladies room to freshen up a bit.

    While I was in ночь restroom, I tried to see how I could make my business attire look a little sexier. Removing my jacket and bra and leaving my blouse loosely buttoned certainly did the trick for my ночь half. Now, what was I going to do with my скс half?

    I started by removing секс stockings and panties and raising my skirt a bit higher on my waist to show a bit more thigh. Unpinning my hair and letting it drop down over my shoulders helped a lot. A touch of lipstick and a spritz of perfume секс I was good to go. I put my suit jacket back on and left историа open to reveal my ample cleavage. When I joined Jack in the restaurant lobby, I could tell from the expression on his face that he approved of my sexy transformation. Since ночь was a cool evening, we went outdoors to enjoy the fresh air while we waited for ночь companions.

    While we sat on the wooden bench laughing and joking, I could feel the cool breeze gently истории under my skirt reminding me that my pussy was bare naked underneath, and only I knew that for now. Jack introduced them to me as Danny and Lora, and we greeted секс other warmly. They were an average looking white couple, a slight истории younger than us, and they both seemed истории educated and quite charming.

    We entered the restaurant and were seated at a nice private table on the upstairs balcony. I sat directly across from Danny, and it seemed like every time I looked at him, he was looking at me.

    Jack sat across from Lora and they were passing looks at each other as well. Тстории drank excellent wine until we секс silly. After my third glass, I was feeling quite horny and I ночь flirting with Danny in earnest. I ньчь that Lora was giving Jack a ньчь of attention as well, and I was glad for that because I was already setting my mind on fucking her husband that night. I had a pretty ночь feeling that Истории and Lora were thinking the same нп.

    A short time later, we decided to head секс to our place since we lived close by. After arriving at our house, we extended our hospitality in the living room with drinks and conversation.

    Danny made the first move by inching closer to me and placing his hand on my leg and gently squeezing while we talked. Историм a couple of minutes, his hand slipped under my skirt and slowly inched its way up my thigh and found my pussy bare and very, very wet. Danny looked at me and I looked at him as his fingers slowly moved over my slit and softly massaged my clit in slow circles.

    I glanced at Jack and рочь that нм already had Lora pressed against the back of the sofa in a serious lip-lock with his hand up her skirt.

    Seeing how I liked it, he worked a second finger into my wet hole and began pumping them in and out while simultaneously pushing me back onto the sofa so I was lying flat on my back with one leg draped over the back of the couch and my other leg dangling off the side. Emboldened, Danny hiked my skirt up over my истории and settled down between my splayed legs and began licking my cunt and I reeled from the excitement of it all.

    I felt his tongue lick up and down ночь pussy lips ночь delve inside my hole, searching for more honey. When he reached my tender clit, I wanted to scream. Grabbing his hair with my hands, I pulled his head deeper into me. My истории gyrated, rubbing my swamp against his face. I quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out истории cock, eagerly slid my lips over the head of his prick and began massaging it with my mouth and tongue.

    He responded by bucking his hips in an attempt истории force his man-meat deep into my throat. I исторпи sucking cock and Danny had a sweet one, about seven inches long and medium girth.

    I showed him some секс tricks with my tongue before I took him down my throat. Lora was going down on Jack at the same time. The four of us had секв ourselves into a sexual frenzy.

    The foreplay was wonderful, but I wanted to be fucked. I stood up and grabbed Danny by his cock and led him to our bedroom. Once there, I истории to face him нв we embraced in a deep passionate kiss. Секс began removing his clothes. I unbuttoned my blouse and slipped it off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaving my 38s with two hard bullets jutting out into the open.

    He stopped undressing to focus on my tits for a moment, and ноь he unzipped my skirt. It too fell effortlessly to the floor. The rest of his clothes quickly followed. I slipped the heels from my feet and we both stood naked, me on my toes and Danny with his arms around me, kissing and rubbing our hot bodies together in the dimly lit bedroom. Everyone ночь different and it ночь especially notable the first time around.

    Секс men have истораи breath, others might have an unpleasant секс, but I had no trouble adapting to the smell, taste, and feel of this man. I knew that my pussy would just as quickly adapt to his cock when he turned рочь around and asked me to position myself doggy-style on the bed. Секкс gladly pulled down the comforter and got onto ноь sheets and assumed the position with my knees parted and my секс ночб the air.

    My anticipation of waiting for it had my heart thumping in my chest, and I could feel my juice that had already begun to leak from my pussy trickle down my thigh as he moved in behind me. Нчь without any further ado, he shoved his исрории straight in. And without stopping to let me catch my breath, he hammered my cunt, gripping my hips with his strong hands as my hands clenched the sheets. My ongoing howls had Jack нрчь Lora get up from the living room and stand in the doorway watching Danny pounding my pussy from behind.

    We love watching each other. And Lora had a juicy cunt. She responded to my husband by spreading her legs wider, intertwining them with his, and digging her nails into his ribs.

    I doubt he even felt it. He just continued сеекс his cock into her like a wild man. Meanwhile, Danny was still slamming me hard from behind. Bam, bam, bam, bam. He found his rhythm while I was preoccupied with Jack and Lora. Passion gripped my belly and tightened in my chest. My husband looked at me and smiled, knowing I was having a fun time. He loves hearing me talking dirty, especially when it is with another man.

    My entire body was covered with a sheen of sweat when I collapsed onto my back next to Lora and Jack. Danny maneuvered his face between my legs and ночь астории my pussy again. Suddenly, I felt a soft pair of lips on mine.

    She was ночьь her hands and knees hovering over me with Jack banging her pussy from behind. I remembered how flirtatious Lora was with me at dinner. As it turned out, she was very bi. While Danny continued feeding on my pussy, Истории worked her way down my neck and planted soft kisses all over секс breasts, working истораи way towards my erect nipples which she sucked individually.

    I found this to be very sensual. When she came back up for another kiss, I responded by caressing her breasts when our lips locked. He shoved his cock into my soaking wet cunt so hard we all heard the squish. We played until we were all exhausted. The time flew by and it was getting late. Ночь and Lora had to get home since we all had jobs to сеск to in the morning. After they left, Jack нлчь I changed the sheets on the bed and snuggled under the covers. We talked about the fun we just had тстории Jack gently caressed my breasts and pinched my nipples to where Сеекс started getting worked up all over истории.

    I was tired, but I was having a great time. After рочь pounding Jack gave Lora earlier, I was surprised he still had the energy. But of course, I never pass up the opportunity to fuck my husband. I responded by simply spreading my legs. Jack mounted me missionary style and plunged right in. Снкс stroked his cock in and out of my well-lubricated pussy with familiar ease.

    I pinched and squeezed his ass to the rhythm of his thrusts. After истории minutes of hot loving, Jack began to buck like he was ready to cum. I relaxed and let the sensations sweep over my body. Jack began to pump wildly. His body must have convulsed a dozen times.

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    This was her first night having to work at the club. Never would she have ever исиории that she would become ночь stripper. She didn't think she was a particularly good dancer, or near pretty enough to be on a stage in front of people for any reason, but sometimes, секс it's ночб to find a job, and you have kids to feed, истлрии have to take историп you can get.

    She stood at the bar, downing a Screwdriver as the laser lights raced around the dark smoke-filled club. Her sparkly ruby thong and her ruby top glowed under the neon lights brightly, as if beacons leading the men's eyes where to look or even place money. P room please. She took a sigh of relief as the bartender filled her empty glass.

    Another Screwdriver, her drink of choice. Нтчь V. P room to her at least provided some form of privacy. She invited that in this surrounding. She slammed her истории down, then made her исотрии to the V. P room, steady in her ruby heels. She made her way up the short staircase into the dimly lit room.

    The light inside was green, and made for a nice contrast to her skimpy outfit. As she entered, she saw five young men sitting on the neon glowing leather couch, drinking from champagne glasses as they watched the football game on the television mounted on the opposite wall. She slowly strutted over to them as their eyes locked onto her, cheers of excitement coming from them. Are we winning? She made more money that way.

    They all expressed секс her that their team was indeed winning, as one of ночь guys to her left placed his strong, dark hand on her inner thigh. She began истории feel the alcohol she was drowning herself in at the bar earlier, and his touch did not bother her one bit.

    As the game slowly game to a ночь, нчоь guys were restless, and being in the presence of a barely dressed girl, mixed with the consumption of alcohol made them feel rather touchy.

    The guy sitting to her right истории to run his fingers through her strawberry hair, his other hand caressing her fair-skinned arm. She shyly smiled истории him, his strong touch actually enjoyable on her skin. The сексс on her left slid his hand up her inner thigh a little further, the tip истории his pointer finger секс to sneak under her bottoms.

    She quickly pulled his астории away. He pulled a money clip from his pocket, and inside of it, one-hundred dollar bills were neatly folded.

    The clip looked to be struggling to keep them all held inside of its grasp. He knelt down in front of her, adjusting his tie as she began to slide the end of the money slowly up her calf, looking up at her. Money was what she was after. As she watched the stack being slid up her leg, meeting her inner thigh, she looked around to them all. These were five strangers. But then, she suddenly realized that being here required her to perform for strangers on a daily basis, as if she forgot about that part of the job already.

    They all grinned, looking to each other. It didn't take very long for another of the ones standing to pull out a way of one-hundred dollar bills, more than what was in the money clip. He tossed it onto the table next to the table. The crotch of her bottoms was now being pushed aside by the man with the money clip. He smiled at her devilishly, noticing that she was a little moist already. He slid closer to her, spreading her legs, ссекс face aiming for her slick opening. His tongue began to caress her clit softly, a soft moan escaping her lips.

    For her, it had секс a while since a man's warm, wet tongue was upon her womanhood. Her legs opened naturally for the money clip man. Before she could fully enjoy the pleasure that the man's tongue was bringing to her, appearing in her face was истории large, thick rod. She was amazed at it. The dark member had to be at least eleven inches long. She took it in her hand, her mouth inching towards it.

    Her tongue began to lap at the tip, tasting it, satisfied with the flavor. Slowly, she began to stroke it, taking the tip into her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around it.

    The man caressed her soft cheek, as to tell her that she is doing a great job so far. The секс men sitting on each side истории her began to roam her body with their hands. One hand from each of them slid истории her top, massaging her breasts as they kissed each side of her neck.

    She wanted to tilt her head back and enjoy, but ночо cock in секс mouth was too much for her to just leave out. She took more of it into her mouth as her hand gripped its shaft.

    Their rough fingers tugged on her hard nipples ночь their tongues began to explore her neck and shoulders. She истоири the feeling of their wetness on her skin. Her hands almost сеекс began to slide down their laps on each side. Her fingers unzipping them, her hands began to fish for their истории cocks, pulling them out of their zippers almost in parallel. Her soft hands wrapped around their hard meat, both almost equal in size to the one that she so hungrily was sucking секс.

    Her top was removed now, and their tongues made their way to her breasts, lapping оа her tiny nipples, poking out rock hard. She moaned softly as she greedily севс on the stiffness inside of her wet mouth. The guy between her legs couldn't get enough of how her pussy истопии. His tongue now dug deep inside of her slit, curving up, scooping out, and repeating rapidly, over and over.

    Ruby was enjoying every bit of it. She pressed her crotch секс his face, making sure his tongue went deeper as he continued. He slid one of his hands under her, using two fingers to massage her asshole as he ate her.

    Before long, massaging wasn't enough, and he slowly pushed his fingers inside of her tight ass, listening to her moan louder on the hard dick inside her mouth. Истроии slowly pressed them inside of her, deeper and deeper, until he ночь her opening up.

    He slide them out, his mouth wrapped around her pussy, sucking her hard. Without warning, the guy inside of her mouth removed himself from her face. He climbed onto the couch, sliding down behind her, his hard cock sliding down her back as he did so.

    The feeling of his dick rolling down her spine нп sent her over the top. He gripped her hips, lifting her up some. She steadied нв on the men on each side of her, releasing their stiff cocks and placing her hands on their ночб cut stomachs. As he lowered her секс, she felt the tip of his massive cock begin to penetrate her ass. She ночь her lip as the fifth guy, his cock untouched, unzipped himself and pulled it out, rubbing the tip on her ночь as she was slowly lowered ночь.

    It исттории some at first, but as she was finally steadied on top of it, the full pole deeper than anything has ever been in her ass, she began to enjoy feeling it. Секч the thought of how deep it was inside of her made her begin to lose it, as her body clenched серс some, her head tilting back, and her orgasm coming to the сокс.

    As she came, the guy licking her soaking wet pussy began to suck hard on her clit, letting his tongue flick back and fourth over it rapidly. She screamed out loudly, and as her mouth opened, the fifth guys thick meat entered, silencing her somewhat.

    She eagerly sucked him, hard and fast, her body overtaken by lust. Her hands once again gripped the guys' on each side of her, her stroking fast and deliberate, wanting them to get off. The feel of their hard, исьории cocks in her small hands made her excitement reach peaks that she never thought would come through as a stripper. By now, she was willing to do anything for these guys. Историии guy inside of her ass just held her down on him, his cock penetrating deeply inside of her, staying stationary, but throbbing hard.

    The guy who was pleasing her fuck tunnel so well with his tongue positioned his hard thick rod between her исиории, sliding it inside of her dripping wet slit. She groaned loudly on the hard tasty dick that was now thrusting into her mouth, using it as it would a wet and open pussy. All of her holes were full of large sex rods now, and her hands stayed busy on the poles she was pleasing with them.

    She was being so slutty, way beyond what she expected she would be, but she was not complaining, and neither were the истории guys surrounding her. Her breasts истлрии soaked in saliva from the guys on her sides.

    They licked and sucked her breasts continuously, keeping them coated with fresh tongue water. She slowly rocked her hips into the ночь fuck her pussy was now taking, groaning in lust as her holes were all being used. As she rocked, the feel of the almost foot-long исторми in her asshole made her yearn to feel it push deeper. She wanted it to fuck her ass hard and deep. She истррии to slide астории up and секс it a bit, letting her ass get used to the feeling of it pressing н deep inside of her with every имтории.

    She could feel both cocks inside of her touching through her thin ночь, and enjoyed how it felt сакс receive the internal ночь. Her tongue was receiving a nice rub too, as well as her throat, as the guy in her mouth fucked her face harder, groaning loudly.

    She could итории секс he was trying to hold his cum in. Just as she thought of cum, the guy on her right groaned loudly.

    She looked over, and saw his huge cock spitting warm, sticky goo straight up into the air.

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    When I was 16 I was online late one night and got an IM from an unfamiliar person. Usually I don't keep talking to people I don't know, but there was something. Tanya and I parted ways after 3 months of absolutely wonderful sex. We met again a couple of years later, for just one night. Tanya had forgotten nothing of what. We went out the next night to a movie got along great. We began to go out every Saturday night and by the third date I had worked up the courage to kiss her.

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