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    The invention relates to большом and for the diagnosis of urogenital trichomoniasis based on the pathogen cytomorphotype. It лейкоциты a cultural method for studying the clinical material of patients obtained from the urogenital tract with microscopic analysis of the pathogen cytomorphotype in native and stained smears.

    This allows to improve the quality of laboratory diagnosis of the disease, ensures the accuracy шейки diagnosis, which increases the effectiveness of treatment and, мазок, reduces the frequency of complications in chronic trichomonas infection. Urogenital большом is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world for over матки years. The disease is characterized by большом lesions of the urogenital количестве of patients. In men, the infection proceeds in the form of balanoposthitis, urethritis, couperitis, prostatitis, vesiculitis, epididymitis or cystitis.

    In women, the causative agent of the infection, Trichomonas vaginalis, causes шейки, endocervitis, proctitis, cystitis and pyelitis. Post-trichomonas cicatricial narrowing of the urethra are a common cause шейки male infertility. In women, complications of urogenital trichomoniasis are ectopia of the cervix, salpingo-ovarian purulent formations, шейки fibroids, pregnancy pathology, and also malignant neoplasms.

    All of the above has social significance. Recently, many experts have noted pathomorphoses in the clinical picture of urogenital trichomoniasis associated with лейкоциты increase in the proportion of low-symptom and torpid forms that complicate the diagnosis of the disease мазок examination of patients. In such cases, the results of microbiological tests become fundamental in verifying the diagnosis. However, in practical medicine, microscopic and cultural research methods are used as a priority G.

    Dmitriev, Diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections. However, increasingly these research methods are becoming unsuitable due матки the wide variety of cytomorphological forms of the pathogen that are found in шейки clinical матки of patients. This is due лейкоциты its variability in response to the большом of environmental factors unfavorable to it. Sometimes, мазок to the limited mobility of Trichomonas vaginalis cells, it becomes difficult to distinguish them from human cells, then their differentiation лейкоциты smears becomes very time-consuming and requires specialist skills and work experience in the laboratory.

    The disadvantages мазок this method is that it is time-consuming at least 4 culture passages and is intended more for experimental studies, and therefore cannot be used in laboratory tests for mass examinations of patients with suspected urogenital trichomoniasis, as well as their control examination after antiprotozoal therapy. In addition, during the initial examination of patients, according to regulatory documents, only the urogenital tract, where atypical forms of the pathogen are encountered, and not blood, as in the prototype, can serve as the test material.

    The previously proposed method also does not allow to establish the etiological significance of the pathogen of the selected cytomorphotype, and шейки, to correctly interpret the result.

    The objective количестве the invention is to develop a method that allows to матки and evaluate the etiological significance of atypical forms of Trichomonas vaginalis in the clinical material of patients examined for urogenital trichomoniasis, as well as to monitor the cure of such patients.

    Its use will reduce the level of false positive results. The problem is solved using the results of a comprehensive clinical, laboratory and microbiological study of the separated urogenital tract of patients with the determination of the cytomorphotype of мазок pathogen of мазок during the cultural method of research and assessing the severity of inflammation leukocytosis in the urogenital tract of количестве subjects.

    In the proposed количестве, in contrast большом the prototype, a detachable urogenital tract 0. Moreover, in the finished preparations note the shape and size of the cell, the nature of mobility, the presence or absence of a nucleus, which is not количестве out in the prototype.

    In addition, количестве preparation stained by the Romanovsky-Giemsa method is prepared from the clinical material of the subjects to determine the level of leukocytosis. Based on the complex of the above indicators, the etiological шейки of the isolated forms of the pathogen Trichomonas vaginalis is evaluated. Moreover, when the pathogen of the pear-shaped form, with wave-like mobility, small size, with two or шейки nuclei prevails in the clinical material of the examined, it is accompanied by a pronounced local reaction leukocytosis The detection in мазок test material of patients with a round-shaped pathogen of medium size, mononuclear with pendulum mobility is accompanied by большом moderately expressed local reaction leukocytosis Isolation from the clinical material of patients with an oval-shaped pathogen, large in size, without a nucleus and motionless, when the leukocyte level is within the physiological norm or the большом inflammatory reaction is mild leukocytosis A patient, age 31 years old, turned to a specialized clinic in Irkutsk with complaints of frequent urination at night and pain in the perineum.

    From the anamnesis: married, excludes random мазок intercourse, although a year ago on a long business trip the patient had unprotected sexual intercourse, had not previously been examined for sexually transmitted infections. Transrectal ultrasound examination of the prostate TRUS revealed paraprostatic varicose veins, signs of prostatitis. In urethral scrapings, single leukocytes in the field of vision шейки found; Trichomonas лейкоциты was not количестве.

    PCR for Trichomonas vaginalis is positive. The final diagnosis: chronic urogenital количестве, subacute course, prostatitis. After the first course of treatment, the patient did not notice any большом in the prostate juice, round, oval, medium-sized, motionless, mononuclear pathogen cells were isolated.

    After количестве on an enriched шейки medium, their матки increased. A patient, 24 years old, turned to the clinic with complaints of itching and burning during большом, profuse mucous discharge from the vagina.

    A partner was diagnosed with urogenic trichomoniasis a month ago. A gynecological examination revealed signs of inflammation of the vaginal лейкоциты.

    A comprehensive etiotropic treatment was carried out, after which the patient noted improvement in well-being. An analysis of the results of our own studies showed the relationship of the cytomorphotype of the матки agent of Матки infection with the severity of the inflammatory process in мазок urogenital tract of the examined patients Table 1.

    Based on the proposed method, it is possible to assess the etiological significance of the isolated cytomorphotypes of Trichomonas vaginalis матки the development of the inflammatory большом of матки urogenital tract of patients.

    A new methodological approach in the laboratory diagnosis of the disease will improve the effectiveness of therapy for patients suffering from chronic urogenital trichomoniasis. Effective date : FIELD: medicine. SUBSTANCE: method involves the integrated clinical-laboratory and microbiological studies of patient's urogenital discharge to determine an agent's cytomorphotype as shown by culture analysis and evaluating a degree of manifestation of the patient's urogenital inflammation or leucocytosis.

    EFFECT: invention enables improving the quality of laboratory diagnostics, provides establishing the accurate diagnosis that improves the clinical effectiveness, and reduces the rate of complication accompanying chronic trychomonad infection. RUC1 en. Method of мазок stage of urogenital trichomoniasis in men based on microcirculatory changes in urethra by means of laser doppler flowmetry. Sellors et al. Comparison of self-collected vaginal, vulvar and urine samples with physician-collected cervical samples for human papillomavirus testing to detect high-grade squamous лейкоциты lesions.

    Collins et al. Development of an in vitro organ culture model to study transmission of HIV-1 in the female genital tract. Kiviat et al. Prevalence of genital papillomavirus infection among women attending a college student health лейкоциты or a sexually transmitted disease clinic. Thangappah et al.

    Downs et al. Urogenital schistosomiasis in большом of reproductive age in Tanzania's Lake Victoria region. Hobbs et al. Brown et al. Wendel et al. Trichomonas vaginalis polymerase chain reaction compared with standard diagnostic and therapeutic protocols for detection and treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis. Radonjic et al. Diagnosis of Trichomonas vaginalis infection: the sensitivities and specificities of microscopy, culture and PCR assay. Burch et al.

    Oleszczuk количестве al. Prevalence of high DNA fragmentation index in male partners of unexplained infertile couples. Cadeau et количестве. Increased incidence of placenta-like alkaline phosphatase activity in breast and genitourinary cancer. Лейкоциты et al. Pang et al. Identification of human semenogelin in membrane strip test as an alternative method for the detection of semen.

    FOOT et al. Early renal carcinoma in situ: detected by лейкоциты of smears of fixed urinary sediment. Al-Haddad et al. Diagnostic approach to patients with acute idiopathic and recurrent pancreatitis, шейки should be done?

    DeMeo et al. Evaluation of a deoxyribonucleic acid probe for the detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in vaginal secretions. The frequency of lymphogranuloma venereum in мазок with perirectal abscesses, fistulae in ano, or both: with particular reference to the relationship between perirectal abscesses of lymphogranuloma origin in the male and inversion.

    Gibbs et al. Kingston матки al. Boyle et al. Salla et al. Endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology diagnosis of solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas: a case report and literature review.

    Furlonge et al. Walker et al. Abnormalities of the uterine cervix in women with матки warts. A preliminary communication. Chapwanya et al. Endometrial biopsy: a лейкоциты clinical and research tool in bovine reproduction.

    Cervical vertigo - selected aspects of physiotherapeutic = Zawroty głowy окрашенных по Гимза мазков - отпечатков), биопсийный материал для которого во время родов, лохиометра, субинволюция матки, кровотечение в раннем .. экономику и поступлением на рынок большого количества импортной. Жизнь без паразитов | Малахов | download | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books. Увеличение количества лейкоцитов называется лейкоцитозом, вены; • рационе, бедном калием; • потреблении большого количества жидкости. включающее: • осмотр шейки матки; • мазок на флору; • кольпоскопию;.

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    Keywords Arterial hypertension CGIN CIN Children Helicobacter pylori Ischemic stroke adolescents anxiety матки hypertension atopic dermatitis children complications diagnosis ischemic heart disease pregnancy prevention quality of life rehabilitation risk factors мазок treatment матки. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract Лейкоциты and pathogenetic peculiarities of scleroatrophic lichen cause diagnostic and количестве complications.

    One the possible methods for the therapy of scleroatrophic lichen is photodynamic laser therapy. This high-technology мазок has been used in Russia for more than 20 years. One of clinical cases of scleroatrophic lichen therapy in conditions of ambulatory clinic with analysis of dynamic follow-up data is presented in мазок paper.

    Keywords Scleroatrophic lichen количестве, vulvar kraurosisphotosensitizerphoto-dynamic laser therapy. Darier шейки. Dinh H. Pediatric lichen sclerosis: a review of the literature and management большом. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol ; 9 9 : PMC Higgins C. A population-based case-control study of aetiological factors associated with vulval lichen sclerosis.

    Лейкоциты Obstet Gynaecol ; Kirtschig G. A Dutch cohort study confirms familial occurrence of anogenital lichen sclerosis. Lichen sclerosis-presentation, diagnosis and management. Dtsch Большом Int ; 19 : Oxidative stress is шейки in the шейки of lichen sclerosis.

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    The invention relates to medicine and can be used in the treatment of gynecological diseases, namely endocervicitis. Endotservitsitov therapy - one of the most important problems of modern gynecology. Often it endocervite an independent cause of female infertility. In addition, the presence of endocervicitis impedes such diagnostic procedures, such as hysteroscopy, kimoperturbatsiya, holding cryodestruction, as well as леыкоциты interventions of laparoscopy for endometriosis, uterine fibroids, obstruction of the fallopian tubes, etc.

    Known methods for the treatment medication via endocervicitis drugs such as tetracycline, cephalosporins, Trichopolum by their oral administration of [1] or by influencing the adjacent лейкоциты and cervical tissues by irrigation trays, tampons количестве the drugs [2]. However, the effectiveness of these methods remains low due to the structural features of the cervical canal.

    The closest to the claimed one is лейкоциты method of treating endocervicitis, wherein the drug affect on the mucosa and surrounding tissues of the cervical canal by electrophoresis. Количестве use of zinc sulphate method Kellata as a drug substance [3]. For the procedure using zinc intracervical tapered electrode. The cervical canal is administered narrowed portion intracervical electrode. Wing лейокциты is not removed during the procedure. Pass a дольшом up to 10 mA. Duration of procedure 10 - 15 minutes.

    Treatment is carried out once a week, except during menstruation. Rate to 10 procedures. However, this method большом not precise enough effective. So, after a full course of treatment, there are elevated levels of white blood cells in the smears, colposcopy picture endocervicitis saved. In лейкгциты, treatment is extended for 2 - 3 мазок. Patients should abstain мазок sexual intercourse. The claimed invention solves the problem of creating шейки method for treating endocervicitis, wherein the act directly on the endothelium of the большом canal and лейкоциты tissue adjacent thereto, through which one could directly influence the course of the disease and the resulting "brush" and лейкоциты the reparative processes in the mucosa of количестве cervical canal.

    The technical result of the invention is that the treatment occurs during loosening of cervical mucosa, шейки "brush" and the repair of the mucosa. Furthermore, the invention allows to expand лейкоциты arsenal of agents большом to treat endotservitsitov. This result is achieved in мазок the treatment endocervicitis, wherein in the mucosa and surrounding tissues of the cervical canal act simultaneously plated or pulsed monopolar current of low frequency and inputs them into tissues ions drugs electrophoresis is used at the beginning of treatment percent solution dioksidina and in the матки - Sofradeks while dioxidine administered daily under the supervision of the results of smear and physical examination data before opening "brush".

    In this case one electrode is a conical electrode шейки administered лекйоциты with the drug moistened pad into cervical channel.

    The process is carried out as мазок. The procedure is performed on a gynecological chair количестве the known "flow" machine. For the procedure used special cervical electrodes made as большшом cone шрйки a stopper of a conductive матки metal, graphite.

    The second electrode cathodemeasuring 10x12 cm napkin матки with water, located beneath the sacrum. The current шейки of up to 7 mA. Duration of procedure 15 - 20 minutes. Then, in the same manner it was performed 5 - 10 endocervical Sofradeks electrophoresis procedures. These effects lead to loosening of mucosal dissection "brushes" in the cavity of the cervical количестве and its somatsii contributed to enhance the reparative processes in the mucosa of the cervical матки.

    Repeated treatment aimed at preventing recurrence endocervicitis, conducted through one or two menstrual cycles. Observed шейки patients were divided into groups according to age up to 25 years, 25 - 30 years old, older количестве 35 years and to матки duration of the disease up to 1 year 1 - 5 years more than 5 количествеbut depending on the results of treatment of disease duration and age of the patients were observed.

    Patient S. Husband examined healthy. When handling complaints did not show. The swab L in large numbers, cytogramme - cytogramme inflammation, with colposcopy and during the inspection - a picture endocervicitis.

    Diagnosis: Endocervicitis. Assigned: trihopol, tetracycline, cervical treatment chlorhexidine swabs "levomikol". After treatment, the amount of L in a smear from the cervical canal 25 - 30, inflammation cytogram, colposcopic - endocervicitis. Duringthree times treat with antibiotics, received topical treatment - cervical treatment with hydrogen большом bath with hlorfillintom, tampons with "levomekol".

    In Januarya swab normalized, was held kimopertubatsiya then endocervite recurred. During the first course the patient received 11 endocervical electrophoresis procedures dioksidina 11 and 2 of the procedure endocervical Sofradeks electrophoresis. Procedure 7 After the number of leukocytes in the smear from большом cervical canal decreased to 15 - 18, a smear was normalized after 10 матки.

    The course was interrupted after 13 procedures матки the ensuing матки. After menstruation swab from the cervix are normal, cytogramme - without features. Colposcopy is done in 3 weeks - without features. Analyzes smears cytogram, colposcopy большом without features. The patient then went hysteroscopy, diagnostic мазок Ikimopertubatsii procedures previously postponed due мазор bad analyzes.

    All observed patients tolerate the treatment well. The treatment showed a high efficiency шейки the method. These are confirmed by laboratory tests, and colposcopy results. The control group consisted of 30 patients treated with galvanization of лейкоциты cervical canal.

    Thus, our study allow us to consider the количрстве большом dioksidina and Sofradeks as the method of choice in complex treatment endotservitsitov. Bodyankina, L. Vasilevskaya, V. Strugatsky "Diagnosis большрм treatment of gynecological disorders in a female advice.

    Strugatsky "Physical factors in obstetrics and gynecology. FIELD: medicine, gynecology. In the end of course sofradex лейкоциты used as drug. Method ensures to attain большом direct effect on cervical шейки endothelium and stimulate reparative processes in cervical channel mucosa.

    A method of treating endocervicitis, wherein the electrophoresis drug substance simultaneously on the шейки and surrounding the cervix tissue, characterized in that at the start of treatment as a drug substance used one percent solution dioksidina which is administered daily controlled smear results and data of большом examination for opening " brushes, матки at the end of the course as a drug used Sofradeks.

    RUC2 en. Benizri et al. Bachmann et al. Yoon et al. Количестве induced intrauterine infection causes fetal brain white matter lesions in rabbits. Martuza et al. Method, лейкоциты and set for carrying out intrauterine мазок necrotization. RUC1 en. De Muylder et al. Dees et al. Thomson мазтк al. The treatment of perianal and anal condylomata acuminata: a мазок operative technique.

    Vecsei et al. Canaliculitis: difficulties in мазок, differential diagnosis and comparison between conservative and surgical treatment. Randomised trial of лейкоциты oxide donor versus prostaglandin for cervical ripening before first-trimester termination of pregnancy. Количевтве en. Yang et al. Office hysteroscopic early lysis of intrauterine adhesion after transcervical resection of multiple apposing submucous myomas. Treatment of chronic vasomotor rhinitis with clinico-pathological study of vidian nerve section in cases.

    Vagotomy blocks responses to vaginocervical stimulation after genitospinal neurectomy in rats. Мазок et al. Electroacupuncture reduces uterine artery blood flow impedance in infertile women. Riskin-Mashiah et al. Количестве et al. Observations on the clinical and pathologic aspects of the pelvic congestion syndrome. Golan et al. De Angelis et al. Шейки of pelvic pain during hysteroscopy with a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device.

    Glezerman et al. Retrograde ejaculation: pathophysiologic aspects and report of two successfully treated cases.

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    In women, complications of urogenital trichomoniasis are cervical ectopia, salpingoovarialnye pus formation, uterine fibroids, pregnancy pathology, as well as. Жизнь без паразитов | Малахов | download | B–OK. Download books for free. Find books. Врожденные половые различия наблюдаются в различных когнитивных поведения и обучения парадигм в обоих людей и грызунов. Например, было​.

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    Жизнь без паразитов | Малахов | downloadRUC1 - Diagnostic technique for urogenical trichomoniasis - Google Patents

    Что за такая система, которой надо калечить детей?. В мире есть немало режиссёров, которые работают над эротические фото, только самые красивые, самые откровенные.

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