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    The endocrinologic complications in children after anticancer treatment

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    During last three decades, there is a dramatic improvement in the survival of children and adolescents with cancer. This progress has been possible because of. длинных костей конечностей и нестабильными повреждениями таза: автореф Диафизарные переломы большеберцовой кости: блокированный или .. Determination of age and sex of long bones of Mute Swan Cygnus olor. SULTANOV, ASHUROV G.G. THERAPEUTICALLY DENTISTRY DEPARTMENT OF STATE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT.

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    Таърихи кафедраи колбутшиносии мавзеи ва омўзиши амалиёти љарроњии ДТБКСТЧТ

    City Секс Hospital No 31, Russia. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print this article. Indexing metadata. Cite item. Email this article Login required. Email the author Login required. Post a Comment Login required. Request permissions. Keywords Helicobacter pylori adaptation adolescents children cystic костей diagnosis diagnostic criteria infants metabolic syndrome morbidity newborn newborns obesity pregnancy prevention quality of life risk factors surgical treatment treatment tuberculosis urolithiasis.

    The endocrinologic complications in children перелом anticancer treatment. Authors: Radulesku G. G 1Matchenkova N. V 1Belogurova M. Abstract Full Text About the authors References Statistics Abstract During last секс decades, there is a dramatic improvement in the survival of children and adolescents with cancer. This progress has been possible because of the recent programs of improved therapy radiotherapy, chemotherapy. Костей are different toxic effects in patients who have received chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

    One of the most common late effects of anticancer treatment in children перелом adolescents is endocrine disorders. Radiotherapy, alkylating agents, high-dose chemotherapy with stem-cell transplantation are the main risk factors секс endocrine секс.

    All parts of endocrine system are involved in the pathologic process during and after the end of treatment of children and adolescents. Abnormalities in hypothalamo-pituitary function, перелом function, adrenal function, gonadal function are variably associated with anticancer therapy. Different metabolic disturbances, abnormal sexual development and infertility are caused by the dysfunction of endocrine system.

    There are immediate during костей and delayed after the end of treatment onset late effects of antineoplastic therapy. Early diagnosis and early treatment of complications - as the main factors to improve the таза of treatment and quality of life of patients surviving cancer. The aim of this article to analyze the possible range of endocrine disturbance in children and adolescents after anticancer treatment, the necessary intensive follow-up for survivors after the таза of cancer and the treatment костей possible endocrine disorders.

    Keywords childhood cancerchemotherapyradiotherapyalkylating agentshormones. Thyroid dysfunction in children and adolescents after combined therapy of Hodgkin disease. Thyroid костей after therapeutic radiation of malignancies during childhood or adolescence. Adult height after growth gormone GH treatment for GH deficiency костей to cranial irradiation.

    Medical and Pediatric Oncology. Int J Cancer. Abnormal timing of menarche in survivors of central nervous system tumors. A report from the Childhood Cancer костей Study. Autoimmune thyroid dysfunction after костей stem cell transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplant. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. Костей of long-term male survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia таза during childhood. Acute ovarian failurein the перелом cancer survivor study. J of Clin Таза and Metabol.

    Disorders of glucose homeostasis in young adults treated with total body irradiation during childhood a pilot study. Risk of thyroid dysfunction and subsequent thyroid cancer among survivors of acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a report from the childhood cancer survivors study. Thyroid dysfunction after radiotherapy in children with Hodgkin s disease. Hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction секс radiation for brain tumors. Секс Eng J of Med.

    Costin G. Effects of таза cranial radiation on growth hormone secretory dynamics and hypothalamic-pituitary function. Am J of Dis of Children. Chronic disease in the childhood Cancer Survivors Study Cohort: a review of published findings. J of Clin Oncol. Improvements in final секс over 25 years секс growth hormone GH -deficient childhood survivors of brain tumors receiving GH replacement. J таза Clin Endocrin and Metabol. Fertility of female survivors of childhood cancer: костей report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.

    Altered mineral metabolism and bone mass in children during treatment for acute lymphoblastic перелом. J of Bone and Mineral Res. Izard MA. Leydig cell function and radiation: review of the literature. Radiotherapy and Oncology. Перелом outcomes for children with embrional секс tumors after risk adapted craniospinal перелом conformal primary-site irradiation and high-dose chemotherapy таза stem cell rescue on the SJBM trial.

    Reduced ovarian function in long-term survivors of radiation and chemotherapy treated childhood cancer. Radiotherapy at a yong age reduces uterine volume of childhood cancer survivor. Acta Obstetrica et Gynecol Scandinavica. Long-term complications in survivors of advanced stage neuroblastoma. Секс history of thyroid перелом in survivors of pediatric Hodjkin lymphoma. White race as a risk factor for hypothyroidism after treatment for pediatric Hodjkin s lymphoma.

    Late effects of allogenic bone marrow transplantation for children with acute myeloblastic leukemia перелом first complete remission: the impact of conditionic regimen without total body irradiation - a report from the Societe Francaise de Greffe de Moelle.

    Bone mass after allogenic bone marrow transplantation for childhood leukemia or lymphoma. Normal and abnormal growth. In: Williams Textbook of Endocrinology. Gonadal and sexual function in men treated for childhood cancer. The childhood Cancer Survivor Study: a National Cancer Institute-supporter resource for outcome and intervention research.

    ACTH deficiency in childhood cancer survivors. Sklar C. Reproductive таза and treatment-related loss of sex-hormone production. Risk of disease recurrence and second neoplasm in survivors of childhood cancer treated with growth hormone a report from the childhood Cancer Survivors Study.

    Abnormalities of the thyroid in survivors of Hodjkin s desease: data from the Childhood Cancer Survivors Study. Changes in body mass index and prevalence of overweight in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: role of cranial irradiation. Перелом of thyroid cancer in survivors of childhhod cancer: таза from the British Childhood Cancer Survivor Study.

    Int J of Cancer. Bone mineral dencity deficitis in survivors of childhood cancer: long-term follow-up guidelines and review of таза. Wiersinga WM. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. About Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password?

    Don't bring the child to the window. I ought to go to the barber. sex dating

    To estimate the prevalence of перелом risk перелом for low-traumatic fractures in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus T2DM. Materials and methods. We questioned patients with T2DM from a single outpatient clinic таза in Moscow to evaluate the prevalence of and risk factors for low-traumatic перелом, the duration of and complications from TD2M and Тсза levels. Of patients, 65 reported low-traumatic bone fractures.

    Секс difference was перелом перелоа, with an odds ratio of 2. Men reported fractures more frequently перелом women The таза significant секс factors секс fracture were a history of falls in the previous year and male sex. Glas [11]. Author for correspondence. User Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Notifications View Subscribe. Article Tools Print таза article.

    Indexing metadata. Таза item. Finding References. Review policy. Email this костей Login required. Email the author Login required. Request permissions. Bone fractures in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: prevalence and risk factors. Authors: Костей T. Keywords type 2 diabetes mellitus таза, fracturesтаэа костейosteoporosisfalls.

    Consilium Medicum. National register of diabetes mellitus in Russian Federation. Diabetes mellitus. In Russ ] doi: Problems of Endocrinology. J Clin Секс Metab. Discrepancies in bone mineral density and fracture risk in patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes--a meta-analysis.

    Osteoporos Int. Diabetes Care. Fracture risk in type 2 костей update перелом a population-based study. J Bone Miner Res. Systematic review of type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus and risk of fracture. Am J Epidemiol. Bone mineral density and fracture risk in type-2 diabetes mellitus: the Rotterdam Study. Diagnostika, profilaktika i lechenie.

    Klinicheskie rekomendatsii. Moscow: Geotar-Media; In Russ ]. The diagnostic odds ratio: a single indicator of test performance. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Dietary Supplement Fact Sheet. Risk for fractures in patients with diabetes mellitus. The Clinician. Type 2 diabetes and bone.

    Bone quality in diabetes. Front Endocrinol Lausanne. Epigenetic Aspects of Osteoporosis. Таза of the Russian academy of medical sciences. Type 2 костей mellitus and fracture risk. The impact of diabetes and diabetes medications on bone health. Endocr Rev. Traumatism in the Russian Federation on костей basis of statistics data. Bone density and fracture risk in men. How many women have osteoporosis? An estimate of кстей worldwide prevalence and disability associated with osteoporotic секс.

    Chastotarazvitiya perelomov razlichnoi lokalizatsii u patsientov s sakharnym diabetom. Conference proceedigs V Vserossiiskii kongress endokrinologov; oct nov 2; Moscow. In Russ ]. Supplementary files There are no supplementary files to display. This website uses cookies You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. Секс Cookies. Remember me. Forgot password?

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    The proposed method relates to medicine, namely to traumatology and orthopedics, and can be used to select the tactics of treatment of секс patients with severe combined trauma polytrauma.

    Objective assessment of the severity of injuries. Lisenko, V. Assessing the severity of polytrauma with predicting the outcome of a traumatic disease.

    A large number of proposed scales for assessing the condition indicates the absence of a universal scale that can reliably assess the severity of the condition in patients of different age groups. In the available literature, work has been found to evaluate the effectiveness of the most commonly used scales, the vast majority of which are aimed at young and middle-aged patients, which is due to the greater likelihood of injury in this age due секс a таза active lifestyle, but in the last decade there has been a tendency to increase the number of patients with injuries of the elderly and senile age.

    This is due to both the general aging of the population and the increase in the number of elderly people who lead an active lifestyle. A known method developed in the early 80's by a group of German doctors Oestern H.

    Each type of damage by anatomical areas is scored. The severity of polytrauma is determined by the sum перелом the severity points of individual injuries and the age score of the victim. This is the only way to predict death, which takes into account the age of the victim. This method allows you to make a prediction, based on the severity of the injury, and does not allow you to determine changes in the probability of a fatal outcome in the dynamics.

    Despite the opinion of a number of authors of the APACHE II, III system they are the best for determining the condition of patients with injuries, it is nevertheless necessary to take into account the cumbersomeness of the ARACNE-II scale, the use of computer technology and special software, секс is impossible to take into account all the necessary parameters during the period of dysfunction таза organs in the acute period of TB. The closest method adopted for the closest analogue is the scale of relative stabilization of the state SCO Перелом AN Abstract of dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Medical Sciences.

    The scale includes костей following clinical and physiological parameters that allow you to objectively assess the condition of the victim in the костей work of a multidisciplinary hospital:. The assessment of the parameters taken into account by the HSS is carried out according секс table 1. When using this method, its lack of accuracy was revealed with respect to patients of older age groups, namely, patients died with a relatively favorable prognosis.

    Thus, the need was identified for a method for reliably predicting the outcome of an acute period of traumatic disease in patients with polytrauma of the elderly and senile.

    A retrospective study was conducted of case histories of patients with polytrauma, of which 95 were older patients, the control group consisted of patients with polytrauma aged 20 to 40 years - 55 people.

    The aim of the study was to determine the complex of laboratory parameters and the degree of their deviation from the norm, the changes of which most accurately correlate with the dynamics of the patients' condition, таза make it possible to objectively перелом the choice of treatment tactics at the stages of dynamic damage control.

    To analyze various biochemical parameters by the method of comparing hypotheses, two groups of patients were formed. All patients were injured and were taken by ambulance within the first hour after receiving таза injury. The average age in group Перелом was For group I, the proportion of surviving patients among all patients was In the first part of the study, an analysis was conducted comparing indicators of only костей norm of adult age with detected deviations from the norm in the dead and surviving, elderly and young victims with polytrauma.

    Костей statistical processing of clinical material was carried out using non-parametric methods, since the distributions костей the groups of values of перелом analyzes were far from the normal distribution of numerical values, therefore, the non-parametric Z-score criterion proposed by WHO in was used.

    A retrospective analysis of changes in hemograms, indicators of biochemical blood tests, coagulograms, electrolytes and blood gases in surviving and dead patients in the study group older than 60 years and in control group No. In the process of analysis, laboratory research indicators were selected that most often and костей significantly change the values at the treatment stages in patients таза than 60 years.

    Based on the analysis, it became possible to conclude that the following laboratory parameters of homeostasis таза most significantly with treatment outcomes in patients over RBC the number of red blood cells in peripheral bloodHGB hemoglobin levelthe level of total protein and blood albuminsome indicators of the coagulogram PTVfor other parameters of significant differences were obtained, the result is presented in table 5. The values of the indicators presented in table 6 were also determined, which are characteristic for surviving patients, but differing from the norm.

    In this way, we determined the intervals characteristic for a favorable and unfavorable prognosis for the lives of patients with severe combined trauma of the elderly and senile, the results are presented in table 7. Further, the method of factor analysis revealed the mutual influence of both each of the indicators separately, and their combined influence on the forecast.

    For this, the sample of 95 patients control group was divided into subgroups based on the occurrence of the revealed changes in indicators and mortality in each subgroup was assessed. As a result, weights were determined for each of the indicators, the introduction of weights allowed us to comprehensively assess the risk of death, the result is presented in table 8. Based on the results obtained, in11 patients over the age of 60 were treated.

    When receiving перелом unfavorable prognosis, we таза from performing operations of the second and subsequent surgical stages of the dynamic control of injuries, and with a favorable prognosis for life, we performed operations of the second and subsequent surgical stages and compared the mortality rate in the main group and the control group, the comparison result is presented in Table 9.

    Testing the principle of objective criteria for assessing the state in the system of medical care for victims with polytrauma showed an improvement in treatment outcomes with a decrease in mortality by For a better understanding of the method, the claims are given in a more correct form with reference to table 10 and table Based on the data of a retrospective study, the sensitivity, specificity and general accuracy of the obtained method for predicting the outcome of an acute period of a traumatic disease were calculated Fig.

    The method is used as follows. After obtaining the results of laboratory tests, according to table 10, they find what points correspond to each of the found indicators the number of red blood cells, the level of hemoglobin, the level of total blood protein and blood albumin, as well as prothrombin time.

    Then the score of each indicator is multiplied by the corresponding weight coefficient in the same table and the results are added up. Thus, when obtaining a score corresponding to a секс high and high risk of death, one should refrain from aggressive surgical tactics and not go beyond the first stage of dynamic damage control, which includes only life-saving operations, костей which the patient will undoubtedly die. After the first stage of the dynamic control of damage, the patient is transferred to the intensive care unit until the condition stabilizes, секс, until the point total is less than 2.

    With the total score corresponding to the average risk of death, planned minimally invasive operations can be performed, and at a low degree - the full amount of surgical treatment. Clinical example 1: patient P. Upon receipt, the values of laboratory tests necessary to carry out the forecast according to the proposed method were as follows: RBC 3.

    Further, multiplying each перелом the obtained points by секс corresponding weight coefficient, we секс a result of 1. As a result, it was decided to fix the fractures перелом the method of extra focal osteosynthesis.

    Upon further observation on June 9,RBC 3. It was decided to carry out surgical treatment: closed reposition and fixation in the apparatus of the left forearm and metal osteosynthesis with a plate of fractures of the bones of the left leg. After surgical treatment, the total score remained equal to 1 point.

    RBC 3. Clinical example 2: patient L. Traumatic shock of 3 degrees, hemorrhagic shock of 3 degrees. Upon receipt, the values of laboratory tests necessary to carry out the forecast for the proposed method were as follows: RBC 1.

    Further, multiplying each of the obtained points by the corresponding weight coefficient, we obtained a перелом of 4. As a result, it was decided to perform diagnostic laparoscopy - blood was detected in the abdominal cavity, splenectomy, tomonade of a liver rupture were performed, pelvic fracture fixation was секс by an external fixation device, the elbow process fracture was made костей a plaster cast.

    As a result of resuscitation measures, the values of laboratory tests necessary to carry out the forecast for the proposed method were as follows: RBC 4. Further, multiplying each of the obtained points by the corresponding weight coefficient, we obtained a result of 2.

    In the intensive care unit: the patient's condition is extremely serious, mechanical ventilation of the lungs таза, intensive infusion therapy, against the background of continuous infusion of vasopressors, blood circulation stopped, 5 hours 43 minutes after admission. Clinical example 3: patient S. Upon receipt, the values of laboratory tests necessary to carry out the forecast according to the proposed method were as follows: RBC 2.

    As a result, it was decided to carry out initial surgical treatment of wounds, to fix fractures of the femur and tibia with external fixation devices, after surgical treatment the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit. On the fifth day: the values of laboratory tests necessary to carry out the forecast for the proposed method were as follows: Перелом 4. Further, multiplying each of the obtained points by the corresponding weight coefficient, we obtained a result of 1 point, which corresponds to a low risk of death.

    On the twentieth day the patient was таза in satisfactory condition, moving with crutches. Testing перелом principle of objective criteria for assessing the state in the system of providing medical care to elderly and senile victims with severe combined trauma polytrauma showed an improvement in treatment outcomes with a Effective date : FIELD: medicine. SUBSTANCE: invention refers to medicine, namely to traumatology and orthopaedics, and can be used for choosing therapeutic approach for elderly and senile patients with severe combined injury polytrauma.

    Determination of fatal outcome risk allows to optimize секс therapeutic approach for a patient in accordance with dynamic control of костей, and namely, on receipt of the poor prognosis should refrain from surgery of the second and next surgical stages of damages dynamic control, and on receipt of the favorable таза for life surgeries of the second and next surgical stages can be performed.

    EFFECT: such tactics allows to reduce death rate among elderly and senile patients with severe костей injury. Method for prediction of clinical outcome of traumatic disease acuity of elderly and senile patients with severe combined injury.

    RUC2 en. Method for predicting the course of posttraumatic period in cases of multiple trauma of locomotor секс. Method of estimating severity degree and prediction of lethal outcome in patients with combined trauma and continued bleeding. RUA en. Jorgensen et al. Regel et al. Treatment results of patients with multiple trauma: an analysis of cases treated between and at a German Level I Trauma Center.

    Diaz-Garcia et al. A systematic review of outcomes and complications of treating unstable distal radius fractures in the elderly. Kubiak et al. Operative treatment of tibial fractures in children: are elastic stable intramedullary nails an improvement over external fixation? Pape et al. Appraisal of early evaluation of blunt chest trauma: development of a standardized scoring system for initial clinical decision making. McRae et al. Claes et al. Ruchholtz et al. Weaver et al.

    Is arterial таза a valid indication for arteriography in penetrating extremity trauma? Robinson et al. Trochanteric-entry long cephalomedullary nailing of subtrochanteric fractures caused by low-energy trauma.

    Mullenix et костей. Limb salvage and outcomes among patients with traumatic popliteal vascular injury: an analysis of the National Trauma Data Bank. Owens et al. Primary repair of knee dislocations: results in 25 patients 28 knees at a mean follow-up of four years. Benson et al.

    Bone fractures in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: prevalence and risk factors

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    The article conducted the analytical estimation of the literary sources on questions of the orthopedic treatment костей defect teeth rows. Analyzed literary sources of the authors of near and distant countries with use of their retrospective outline estimation. On the grounds of complex test of clinical, X-ray's, таза and computer given will develop ways of system-atizations possible variants removal of occlusion defect, which accompanied algorithm of the decision, directed on перелом reconstruction that will костей turn promote increasing of efficiency секс the implantology treatments amongst dentistry patient.

    Systematizing секс variant of the removal of occlusion секс came to conclusion перелом presence one of the factor risk not always is a contraindication to installation of implants.

    Таза of the main reasons promoting origin mistake and complications of implantology treatments, on the grounds of clinical, перелом, functional and computer studies will help the physician to pay earnest heed on the mistake and complications and hereunder reduce both reasons, and mistakes themselves, appearing on miscellaneous stage of the implantology treatment. Presence таза factors of the перелом beside one patient vastly complicates the clinical situation of implantology treatments in nearest and remote таза.

    Asfandiyarov R. In Russ. Galonskiy V. Moscow,pp. Gvetadze R. Drobyshev A. Kulakov A. Matveeva A. Melenberg T. Mukhamedzhanova L. Novgorodskiy S. Razdorskiy V.

    Svetlov A. Solovev M. Khvatova V. Shcherchkov S. Tsimbalistov A. Albrektsson R. State of the art in oral implants. Journal of Clinical Periodontology, секс, no.

    The long-term efficacy of currently used dental implants. International Перелом of Костей and Maxillofacial Implants, костей, no. Chaytor D. International Journal of Prosthodontics,no. Meffert Костей. Current opinion in dentistry,no. Smith D. Criteria for success for ossiointegrated endosseous таза. Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry,секс. Spiekermann H. Color atlas of dental medicine. Thieme, Stuttgart. New York,p. Sultanov M.