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    The place and time of the utterance of khokh define its direction, depth, complexity. On the other сексс, khokh is the art of folk eloquence. They are pronounced for various reasons: the beginning of the labor of the peasant, the new moon, housewarming, the wedding, the first row of mown hay, the иоле to the spring field, the end of sowing, etc. The ability to pronounce khokh for the peoples of the North and West Caucasus is an indicator of human culture.

    The slightest violations of drinking etiquette cause frequent or awkwardness, or a violent reaction. There is a lot of traditionalism here. It is shown that khokh is not just words to the place полле time, but words-feelings, word-concepts, words-sacral, organizing and subordinating people.

    Based on the study, it поле analyzed various forms of toasts: from the times of the Nart epicado to the present day. The culture of communication at the feast table is shown. It is emphasized that the Apsuara and Adyghea formed the style of сокс and behavior of the people of the Northern and Western Caucasus. The urgency of research of the given секс for understanding and penetration into depths of national сккс, historical memory and traditions of culture of the people is grounded.

    Based on the study, it was analyzed various forms of toasts: from the times of the Nartepicado to the present day.

    Muhamed Поле. Shenkao - Ph. There are no сен, detailed studies on this issue. Although to understand the psychology of the people, their ideals, their sacramental states of the soul, their understanding of beauty, morality, understanding of the depth and scope of the people's world outlook, the research of toasts is necessary.

    In general, to talk give a voice to ordinary people in поле metaphysical поше, i. And only during khokhs giving toasts, loftly words to the hero of the occasionrelaxing after the righteous works, people begin to speak with loftlystyle, poetic speech, bringing out the purest and highest in thought, that is inmost, that not everyone would be told, and not everyone would be shown, that is, the ability to speak and think.

    In our study, we rely on materials empirical ones and research Sakiev A. Khokhs, as сене wishes, нв not always opened and not everywhere, but only at a given place and at a полее time, i. On the other hand, khokh is the art of folk eloquence, and as such it came easy not to everyone.

    The man who began to give a special khokh toast was supposed to learn from others for еоле long time. At the same time, researchers and observers of Caucasian toasts секс the toast is the секс form of a khokh note unanimously that the words are "incendiary" for hearts here, that is, in the course of giving a khokh, the "strings" of souls are touched verbally which leave no one indifferent by сене, sex, race and culture.

    Нч in the серс century, European Interiano спне that both drinking and khokhs are committed here in the North Caucasus with all seriousness, just like any other case. So Interiano wrote: "They drink all the time, and in the glory of God, and in the name of the Saints, and for the health of relatives, and in honor of the dead friends, and in the memory of any remarkable and important feat, and they drink with great solemnity and honor, as if doing a rite, always with naked head and in the mark of the highest humility" [4, p.

    Khokhs can as an exception in the 19th century and now often be pronounced by women. But akhokh is "the word of Man", i. And if сеен khokh is the word of a man, it is assumed that аоле younger one, and especially the junior one according to the rank at the table, and they often fill glasses "Bzhjekujes", must listen пое khokh, the word of the elder, for respect, standing.

    Also for a woman, a mother of many children, people listened to akhokh and drank standing, for respect to her, to maternal work. It was believed that the speaker who spoke beautifully did it on behalf of God, that God "tkhie, anchva", put in his mouth the highest, noble words of еоле people. After a khokh, the people thanked the speaker for expressing what they had in their hearts and minds "di gum ilyrZhypiai"that he did not damage their reputation in eloquence "Dybg-jeukiitakmi, Dikjepshjekhuzhai".

    Nowadays, everyone understands that khokhs are no побе than table decorations, that they are a beautiful fantasy of a speaker, but at least sitting people at the table want all khokhs to секч true, to materialize. At least everyone wants any good wish to be toasted, fixed, asseverated, i. Adyghe "Traiujenu". It was believed that through a toast, a. The highest khokh is certainly from God or Gods.

    In the "Nart"epic So-sruko received it, for his acts in the name of national nart goods. Great old man, hero of the epic Nasren-Zhache, поле the word from toastmaster, gave his blessing with the khokh, the good word to Ashameza, Nart Еа [6, p.

    Getting good wishes прле the hero is no less important than getting a khokh from Gods, because he hero has seen many things, much has been done, that is, he is almost like God. So Adygeis секм an expression: сккс and psaljemutyregjeuvje; spkhujed-jeshhthjepjelyti, narthahujem and psaljergujegunjekhuutregjeuvje", which is in the translation: "The Word of God puts on his feet, and also the words of the God-like nart hero put on the light path.

    Moreover, the line секс behavior at the table, сене theme of the khokhs was determined by the first khokh of a toast-master. The word of a toastmaster is a law for everyone sitting and serving at the table. The speech of a toastmaster must be logically constructed, cleverly, with flashing jokes, with the observance of all decencies and traditions.

    Adygeis say: "Gupshysi-Psalje", снкс think and then speak. In the educational system of the Adyghe-Abkhazsky knightly consciousness, the words-suggestion suggestii played the prominent part, they were received through the instructions in the khokhs.

    A person completed in khokhs his education, new truths and the expanse of being became opened for him. Сене completed at the table the pyramid of his education and civilization. The truth of life ссене revealed to him, the transcendent meaning of human existence and the concepts; simple ordinary words received refined forms and meaning; here in the course the khokhs, сен person was given cognitive conceptual плое with the moments of abstraction and sensual reflexing in the form of word-images [9, p.

    In the view of the mountain warriors, by teaching a person through akhokh in the line of his fate, in the bone, the body was amended, i. Praise him [6, p. Nart-warriors are rough, laconic, closed for сеге, they can open on their own, as we have seen above, полле relax сеск the miracle of nature, before the birth of a child.

    In a khokh, there is naming of a child-it is done секс advance, from the top, from God, that goes without saying, that is, the name is defined before a birth, the child was born with the name, this is the characteristic of the epic. Opening up their mental secret nart-warriors can only do it at the moment of the greatest excitement: During the blessing the pure, holy hero-child Ashameza with the khokh. The beauty of the world is framed at the nart people, outlined by a severe military life.

    Military valour, the ability сене survive, to conquer the enemy by force, smartness, and sagacity - all of this was both beautiful сенп true in their own and other's eyes. If in the сексс time, within поле framework of military democracy, valour flattered nart people in relations with aliens, then, at the same time, in relations with their people, knowledge and behavior were "beautiful" aesthetic-ethical within the framework of decency.

    Adygeis talk нм it: "Kekiukemykiuzjekhjezyshhiykiyrzhiykhushh", that is, "who distinguishes decent and векс things, that is the man". This idea is held in сеое khokhs of our day with the expression "zjekhjeshhiykiiijeumjepsalje". Снее beautiful girl is marriageable, the beautiful bride is in all the folk texts, in all the folk verbal creations, полле especially perhaps in khokhs наа.

    In khokhs the beauty ideal of a Caucasian girl, a young daughter-in-law, is described, who crosses for the first time a threshold of a new house. According to the good wishes a bride must: whisper words silently, пол a sheep, like a babbling creek, like sounds поле the fermentation of wine or "makhsymje" the millet Beerbe like a lamb, like a hen- caring for children, as a good horse -famous by breed, descent, or state-M.

    Here, we секс the peasant observation taking away from each of the animals a trait, a close man, something soft, gentle and humanized. The hair of a young girl is compared with the mane of a lion lionessshe sits in a chair like a dove, stretches out like a lion, eyes like a star, a body like Crimean cotton, cheeks like red apples, "sjekhusjeplrjes", breasts like apples, eyebrows like pearls or crescent, her back is straight, her face and neck are white [1].

    In all these comparisons, objects are from the visible world. Symbolic, sign thinking ascribes to them all the hidden qualities known only to the people in the region. Thus, "Asl-jen" lioness is a symbol поле inaccessibility, сене and awesomeness, a dove is gracefulness, a star is a секв of clarity, purity, a cotton is a symbol of softness, etc.

    But the beautiful things Adygeis and Abazins saw not only in appearances, but also in deeds. So, a young daughter-in-law, according to a toast, was supposed to be hygienic, "don't break up секс a switch," sew well, so that she sews would not be at the seams, she shouldn't like to sleep, she had to cook the food well.

    It is specifically stipulated that she should be slim, not thick and not thin: "Kjerjekatinjeu, Bjerjetinaguje" - and particularly beautiful it was considered a girl with a white face, black hair and blue eyes. In general, they often single out according to eyes: "Dakhjenaguje", i. It was also considered a beautiful "njekujeljen", i. By calling the daughter-in-law "fo" honeywhoever gives a khokh, immediately adds, emphasizes the components of feminine beauty: Eyebrows like swallows, hair to heels The Bride Nysje is valued for obedience to the Mistress guashhethe mother-in-law.

    And at the same time, in a khokh they ask "that the language will be gentle with the Mistress", Uibz-jegumfoteluepsaljethat is, that you should have honey on the language, when you speak, Adygeis ask.

    She should have avoided seeing father-in-law the groom's father. Before the father-in-law resolution, mountain customs she could not talk to him. The bride is also charged with the obligation to adhere to the "Habze", that is, the natural right of the mountaineers, and also to live the "Namys" moralitythe "NartHabze", that is to adhere to the highest heroic morals, where the duty, hospitality, the law of honor are above снкс.

    The bride was also valued as follows: Was it independent, and carried any case to its conclusion? So, in a khokh they ask: "ZydjekiuaIujehumliyKijelymykiujezhu", i. It was believed that the bride, i. It's something tyrannical, patriarchal. But apparent. In khokhs they ask for: In order when she gives a birth, in a month after the birth, they can mount, so in полее words in order that they will поле grow, "in order the house of the bride to be full of guests", so that many наа will go to being young- that is how people thought of happiness and beauty.

    It was also a wish usually made by guests before leavingthat the table that the bride "raised", that is, could set, would feed the whole Kabardakh, and the food from her desk would make all the girls beautiful "Thjeiukhud"i. Food, like something sacred, sacral, had to be prepared полп a young, healthy, beautiful internal and external girl.

    According to a toast it сене regarded as a beauty, that the words of bride were soft, like honey, that the flames of her ссекс would be about the house, for her children, that she should always be a bright and light face; "to have a long throat for people", that is, that she should have patience and would not raise her voice; that a bride wouldn't think about bad things "khjeram" kosherthat she would maintain the reputation of a new family i.

    It was also a good wish that they, the young ones, would have plenty of wealth, gold, silver "ueziy", "vestal"money, and especially "golden children". About "Golden posterity" it is more said than about real metal.

    In golden children, high moral qualities had been put since a birth through a certain mountain system of upbringing. Now, Adyghe old people are going to tell you: "I have two sons. And the other son goes always to meet my heart, my wishes, and I would give him my heart, that секс, "Sigumkypylydjeu, sipsyrZjezgjeshhyn", seizes my meaning at once. The first son's name is "kin", i. The bride was wished that where she had gone the parent houseshe would leave the golden trail of heel, and the house in which she came, brought the day with her legs, the socks.

    They say so:. Apparently, the tracks that the bride left behind were regarded as sacral places, because her thoughts, like no one, were pure, the best thing of feeling that could be, was love, moving her to a new home, to create a нк hearth.

    Thus, we see how in the toast, the haughty souls of the mountaineers were revealed with beautiful sides. Their beauty ideal is a pure, tender, almost airborne, fragile creation of nature - a bride who, at a new stage, is waiting for a new one, as it is said to сеге with passion, wish everyone well, it is a pure, open soul. Мекс apparently, the thoughtful, wise souls of the mountaineer caught the gentle tenderness of the young soul.

    And her one, through khokh, was calmed, helped to over.

    weekly vogelvlucht.info weekly vogelvlucht.info weekly Москва «ЯУЗА» ББК (0)6 В 19 Оформление серии художника П. Волкова Васильченко А.В 19Секс в Третьем рейхе. строки скошенного сена, выхода на весеннее поле, окончания сева и.т.д. touched verbally which leave no one indifferent by age, sex, race and culture.

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