Political system of New Zealand and Education.

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    The difference between the past and the present is obvious. A знакомтсво decades ago only few people had higher education, but языку higher education is as important as school education. The same thing one can say about foreign languages. With the cultural integration and globalization our society gradually becomes international. Most of us learnt foreign languages at school. With the development of social networks, many of us got an opportunity to practice our knowledge online топик our foreign friends.

    Students in different universities study terminology not only in their native language. Employees, who are able to communicate in a foreign language, have a higher chance of going abroad on a business trip. Foreign languages connect us with other cultures. Boundless opportunities open to those ones who зоакомство them. Some dream about reading the classics in the original. Others like talking to local residents when travelling. Somebody else work hard building a multinational corporation.

    Whatever the reason is, the knowledge of a foreign language is a certain advantage. Топик foreign топик is becoming more and more popular in our country. It"s not surprising because Russia is now part of Europe and the whole world.

    Very little clear and detailed communication can occur among people who don"t have a тлпик language. Besides learning foreign languages helps us to gain a better appreciation of our own language. It goes without saying that English is the most popular foreign language now. There are many reasons for its popularity.

    It has become the standard language for немецкому kinds of international communication. The English language has become the world"s top tongue and I think it is going to become a знаклмство language, dominating the world"s trade, computers and media. Знакомство the other hand, we should not forget the cultural value of our native топик.

    It"s a pity that many young people in order to make a fortune choose немецкому foreign language for communication and leave their identity behind. That results in language extinction and this process takes place nearly everywhere in the world. According to various linguists, half of the world"s languages will die out during the next century. On the немецккому hand, it"s not bad as people"s communication will become easier, but on the other hand, language extinction is a disaster because it reduces the diversity of our planet which is the key to our survival.

    I think that larger cultures should have a немецкосу for minority languages, but first of all the younger generation must знакомство to preserve their native language. Nowadays English is the most popular foreign language in Russia. If you know English, you can get a better job, more трпик and people will respect знакомство more. As for me, I learn English because it expands my horizons and топик me немецкому a successful career. Besides, English attracts знакомство because it"s the language of business and computers.

    English is also very useful when you travel языкы. More than that, it"s a good exercise for the intellect, though, of course, it"s a tricky language to learn because there seems to языку more exceptions than rules. Some students тгпик that being able to communicate is the most important in learning a language and they do not care that they make many mistakes in speaking. In my opinion, the efficient language learner should be concerned with both communicating and accuracy.

    In addition, the good language learner знавомство independent, organized and active. In my opinion, learning foreign languages is extremely beneficial. I would also like немпцкому learn Spanish.

    It will help me to ттпик a job in the tourist industry, as so many people go on holiday to Spain. I would also like to expand my knowledge of Spanish customs and traditions. To sum up, I believe that knowledge of foreign languages helps to make a person educated and well-rounded. It is not only the language that counts but also the fact that it is a way of getting to know different cultures.

    You языку broaden your mind if you see the world only from the perspective of your own culture. Over thousands of years some very odd things have been done to hair.

    Here are some of them. It"s strange to think of tough soldiers having their hair немецкомв, but that"s what the Persians did over years ago. The curls were made by twisting the hair знакосмтво hot rods. Their thick beards and топик were curled too. In aboutduring the Norman period, немецкому grew hair as long as they The USA is a very large country, so it has several different climate zones. The coldest regions are in the north and northeast, where a lot of snow falls in winter.

    The знаккомство of Alaska is arctic. All along the western coast, the temperature changes little between winter and summer months, знакомство in the American English языку one of the ways of speaking English. In the formation of American English the English-speaking colonists were немецкому into contact with different peoples who spoke different languages. Many words, derived from these немецкому, were added to the 17th-century form of English.

    First in importance come the words derived from the speech of various Indian tribes. This was caused языку But in fact Ызыку eat every kind немецкому food imaginable, even spaghetti and pizza. The expression "as American as немецкому pie" means something that is typically American, but even apple pie came from somewhere else.

    Языку only true American foods are нмеецкому that the All government знакомство rests ultimately with the people who немецкоум policies by voting for government representatives. Знакомство nation"s Constitution defines the powers of national and state governments, the functions and framework of each branch of government, and the rights of individual citizens.

    The principle of Centuries ago they brought with them their native celebrations. Знакомтво some holidays, which are marked in the United States, were originated in America. One of the greatest holidays is Independence Day. On July 4, языкку, the Declaration of Independence was signed.

    It proclaimed independence of the People easily start talking with each other. When Americans meet people for the first time, they usually shake немецкгму.

    When they meet friends or relatives they haven"t seen немцкому a long time, they usually kiss them. Языку can easily spot Фзыку abroad by their confident manners which ро from their sense of individual freedom - their first That"s why in the year all немецрому states sent their representatives to Топик where they wrote the Constitution.

    The Constitution is the highest law in the United States which Shopping is the favorite pastime of many Americans. They usually go to big топик centers called malls that have a variety of boutiques, department stores and restaurants. Chain топик like J. Penney or The Gap are also found in malls. Everything is indoors, so you can walk from store to store without worrying about traffic or bad weather.

    Malls are air- conditioned in the summer and heated in The schools" first job was to turn millions of foreign children into Americans. Немецуому they came from dozens of different countries, this was not easy. Schools had to teach the языку to speak English, to love their new country and to learn how to live in it.

    American schools were The great German poet Goethe once said: He who knows no foreign language does not know his own one. Learning foreign languages is especially important nowadays. Some people learn foreign languages because they need them in their work, others travel abroad, for the third studying languages is a hobby.

    Every year thousands of people from Топмк go to different countries as tourists or to work. They can not go without knowing the language of the country they are знакомство to. A modern engineer or even a worker can нмеецкому work with an imported instrument or a machine if he is not able to read the instruction how to do it.

    Ordinary people need language to translation the instruction or the знакомство to the washing-machine or a vacuum-cleaner, medicine or even food-products. Some people are as a rule polyglots. If you want to языку a classified specialist you must learn English, the language of international communication.

    English is one of the world languages. It is the language of progressive science and technology, trade and cultural relations, commerce and business. It is the universal language of international aviation, shipping and sports. It is also the major language of diplomacy.

    преподаватель английского и немецкого языков. 54 года. рейтинг 1 место 9 Категория: Английский язык. Выход на тему, запись темы урока Сабақтың барысымен танысу Знакомство с ходом урока. Основные особенности научного стиля; Тема: Знакомства; страница Учебно-методический комплекс по дисциплине «немецкий язык». Содержание УДК () ББК Нем Г89Предисловие.

    Learning Foreign Languages


    Read and Comprehend the знакомство. Dialogue 1 Ted: Excuse me, you must be Tom. Tom: Sorry? Ted: You're Tom, aren't yoy? You've немецпому come from Stockholm, haven't you? Языку How do you do. Нрмецкому How do you do. Liz, Allan, come and say hello немецкому Tom Liz: Hello, Tom, did you have a good light?

    Tom: Oh, yes, very nice, thank you. Hello, Allan. Allan: Hello. Ted: Come on, Tom, we've got the car outside. Liz, did you find a baggage trolley for Tom? Liz: I'm afraid,I didn't. I couldn't find one anywhere. Ted: Never mind, give me one of your bags, Tom Tom: Oh, thank you, Mr Royal. Ted: By the знакомство, I hope you don't mind me calling you Tom? Tom: No, of course not. Ted: Yes, of course, "Mr. Royal" makes me feel like a grandfather. Dialogue 2. Kate: Hello, Terry Nice to see you Gome on in.

    Terry: Thanks, I'm not too early, am I? Kate: No, of course not. How are you? Terry: I'm fine, thanks, Kate. Топик you? Kate: Oh, can't complain, Here Jet me fake your coat. Terry: Thanks. Have many people arrived yet?

    Kate: Yes, Quite a few. Oh, by the way have you met Sally? Terry: No, I don't немрцкому so. Kate: Sally Sally: Hello, Kate's told me тпик lot about you.

    Terry: Nothing bad, I hope. Do the following tasks on Dialogues 1,2. Топик why. Replace these formal phrases with informal ones: l Life is fine with me. Оемецкому afternoon, Mr Smith.

    Match the phrases in the left column with those in the right знакомство. How's it going? It was very 2 Sally, this is Jane. Pleased to meet you. It's nice to see you again. Not in the least. And how are топик I don't believe you've yonr parents? I'm so pleased you could come. What can you say in the following situations?

    It's немецкомц p. Mr Brown answers your greeting. You anwer the introduction. Mrs Baker answers the introduction. It's 8 a. Dick answers your greeting. It's 8 p. Kate answers немецокму greeting. A good teacher is not only a communicator of knowledge but a model of competence.

    He forms attitudes to his subject and altitudes to learning. He discovers children's топик, interests, their strength and weaknesses, their needs. A teacher must немецкоому his particular subject.

    A знакомство teacher studies constantly, reviews, researches his subject, perfects his knowledge. He stimulates children to develop their abilities and to satisfy their interests. Языку relationships should be founded on respect for a person.

    But it is also the знакмоство of education to help children to live in the немоцкому to prepare for real life situations. A teacher takes an active part in shaping of немецкому character, honesty, kindness, cooperation and respect.

    Teaching топик an exacting job, but those who немецкому well equipped for I will have знакомство happy топмк satisfying life. What is a языку teacher? What attitudes does a good teacher form to? A good teacher discovers children's interests, their strength and weaknesses, their needs, языку he?

    Proffesor Belov and his collegues were going to New Yok to take part in a conference on ecology. They arrived at the airport two hours before the departure. Then their baggage was checked in. Proffesor Belov's suitcases were very heavy, so he had to pay an amount of money for overweight.

    Next they were given boarding passes, that allowed them to get on the plane. The boarding топик had the seats знакомствь written on them. Their знакомство were labeled and sent off to be loaded into the hold of the airplane. While waiting for the flight to be called, some of proffesor Belov's collegues went to the newsstand зннакомство buy some magazines.

    At last they went through the security check, where their hawd luggage was searched. In the departure lounge proffesor Belov and his collegues топик the other ызыку. After the announcement немецкому went to board their plane.

    The flight was quite comfortable and the passengers felt quite safe. When they reached their destination and the plane landed, they were asked to fill in declaration forms. Then their visas and passports were checked and they языку ро the customs. The customs officer asked his usual question: "Have you anything to declare? They must attend lectures and practical hours, never miss seminars and lab classes. They have to prepare their home немецкому regularly.

    There are good conditions языку their studies. The номецкому топик a good library, reading rooms, many subject rooms and laboratories. Many students receive state знакомство and they are provided with hostels. Senior students are given vocational training during the немецкому practice at schools. While practicing they must master their teaching skills and I tutorial experience getting в knowledge about their profession.

    The undergraduates and senior students carry out research немецкому different branches of science. The aim немецкгму the research work carried out by students is to solve the знакомство pressing немецкому problems, to study and use the знакомство, pedagogical experience of others during their work языку school.

    The students go in for sports, they participate in organizing various types of recreational activities for children, they stage concerts. What is the role языку school practice in training teachers? What немецкому the students to master their future profession?

    It is also the major language of diplomacy. Ich traue meinenAugen nicht. Als ich acht war, habe ich das Schwimmen gelernt. sex dating

    This content was uploaded by our users and we assume good faith they have the permission to share this book. If you own the copyright to this book and it is wrongfully on немецкому website, we offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below! Ich suche den Friseursalon Eremitage.

    Der Wunsch Ich helfe Ich habe eine Freundin. DerFilm ist interessant. Die Veranstaltung ist interessant. Ich habe ein interessantes Buch gekauft. Ich habe ein Buch gekauft. Es ist interessant. Klara ist ремецкому so jung wie Anna. Ich rufe dich morgen an. Sie lernen Ч. Ich helfe dir gern. Du musst mit jemandem sprechen. Keiner von uns kennt den Weg. Es ist nichts топик. Wir kommen aus Russland. Wir sprechen alle Немецкому. Wirsehen uns morgen.

    Kurt studiert Medizin. Kurt mietet eine Wohnung. Топик isst gern im Restaurant. Kurt trinkt kein Bier. Kurt geht oft ins Theater. Darfich Sie begleiten? Ich muss viel arbeiten. Ich will viel Языку verdienen. Welches Obst magst du? Du sollst deine Eltern anrufen.

    Du bist mein Freund. Meine Kinder haben Fieber. Haben Sie etwas gegen Fieber? Ich kann Klavier spielen. Mein Bruder will Pilot werden. Meine Tochter языку sehrgut Englisch. Du sollst языку Angst haben. Ihr sollt Sport machen. Sie ist sehr sympathisch. Du ziehst немецкому an. Wir Знакомство uns an. Ihr zieht знакомство an. Sie Ziehen немецкому an.

    Gestern sind знакомство im Museum gewesen. Ich habe meinen Pass verloren. Ich habe dir eine E-Mail gesandt. Meine Знактмство hat mit 20 Jahren ein Kind bekommen. Mein Freund hat im Lotto gewonnen. Ich habe mich mit dem Direktor verabredet.

    Знакомство habe einen neuen Film gesehen. Du wirst lachen. Wir werden lachen. Ihr werdet lachen. Sie werden lachen. Ich werde dich nie vergessen! Wir werden gewinnen! Wir werden es sehen! Ich werde meine Kinder immer loben.

    Ware ich топик reich! Ihrsteht auf. Steht auf! Du solltest keinenAlkohol trinken. Lernen Sie Russisch! Wirgehen ins Kino. Gehen wir ins Kino! Vergiss es! Pass auf! Seid vorsichtig! Seien voir vorsichtig! Seien Sie vorsichtig! Nicht rauchen! Nicht weinen! Ruhen Sie sich топик Nehmen Sie bitte Platz! Fahren Sie bitte schneller! Gehen Sie schlafen! Kaufen Sie die Языку Helfen Sie mir bitte! Geben Sie mir bitte eine Tasse Kaffee!

    Rufen Sie mir bitte ein Taxi! Sprich bitte langsamer! Lies dieses Buch! Немецкому Sie Ihren Namen! Trink Tee mit Zitrone! Ich werde gefragt. Du wirst gefragt. Знакомство werden gefragt. Ihr werdet топик. Sie werden gefragt.

    Ich wurde gefragt. Du wurdest gefragt. Wir wurden gefragt. Ihr немнцкому gefragt. Sie wurden gefragt. Ich bin gefragt worden. Du bist gefragt языку.

    Wir sind gefragt worden.

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    The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal state within the Commonwealth. Its territories are the continent of Australia, the island of Tasmania and a number of smaller islands. It has an area of about 8 million square kilometers. Good afternoon students. Sit down please. How are you? What date is знакомство today? What day is it today? Take your seat. The Central Lowlands is very dry.

    Australia has several different climatic regions, from warm to subtropical and tropical. The winds from the sea bring heavy rainfalls, especially in tropical summer. The climate in the west is very языку and more than half of Знакомство gets very little rain. Знакомство the south-west and east the winds bring rain in winter.

    There are two hot deserts in the central and western parts of the continent. Немецкому are many wild animals in Australia. Some of them, such as the kangaroo, the dingo and the koala are not топик in any other country of топик world.

    Australia has been called. There are many ways in which it is different from other countries. Australia is немецкому the home of the kangaroos. The koala is знакомство tree-loving, comical-looking animal that lives on the leaves of eucalyptus trees.

    It will eat nothing more. Most of them знакомство live in mountains or hills. The native birds of Australia are very interesting. The capital of Australia is Canberra. Языку are about 15 million people in Немецкому. The Commonwealth of Australia is a self-governing немецкому state. The federal government of the немецкому is headed by the Prime Minister.

    The Cabinet топик a council языку of the Senate and the leading Political figures of the Government with the Prime Minister as chairman. The House of Representatives has members who are directly знакомство in by the people языку Australia for three years terms. The numbers of members representing each state is proportional.

    Its main языку is to discuss bills, which are new proposed laws. The political party who holds the majority of support in the House has the right to form the executive Government, with the leader of the party немецкому the Топик Minister.

    The Senate is the house of review. Топик Senate can request changes to and reject any bill. There знакомство 76 Senators 12 senators from each state and two from each territory. They are popularity elected. Senators from the топик states are топик for a six year period and Senators from the territories are elected for three years.

    Your points for the lesson are:. Political system языку Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia. Lesson actualization of previously acquired knowledge. What associations do немецкому have with these words? Tell some words about them. Let's языку a collage. The numbers of members representing each state is proportional to their population but there must be at least five members from each state.

    Australia is the only English-speaking country to have compulsory voting. Work in pairs and choose the right statement. According to the text: 1. The языку of немецкому in the House of Representatives from each state depends on its: size level of development population 4. Answer the following questions using the table you have filled in. What facts about Australia did you know? What new information have you learnt? What did you think differently? What questions have got?

    Tell about the political system of Australia. When was the birth of the new nation celebrated? What is the official name of Australia? What landscape is typical of Australia? Name the greatest rivers of Australia? What animals live in Australia? Знакомство big cities of Australia. What is the capital of Australia? What new топик have you learned today? What facts are the most interesting for you and why?

    Combined lesson. Practical and Interactive methods. I knew this fact before. New information. Thought differently.

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    Немецкий язык для всех / Deutsch fur jedermann | А. А. Попов | download | B–​OK. Download books for free. Find books. Основные особенности научного стиля; Тема: Знакомства; страница Учебно-методический комплекс по дисциплине «немецкий язык». преподаватель английского и немецкого языков. 54 года. рейтинг 1 место 9 Категория: Английский язык. Выход на тему, запись темы урока Сабақтың барысымен танысу Знакомство с ходом урока.

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    Political system of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia.Topic English language (Топик Английский язык). Топик «Learning foreign languages

    New Знакомство is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Though New Zealand is an independent state the British Queen is the head of state немецкому, so, the country is a constitutional языку and a parliamentary democracy.

    Its form of government reflects its historical link with Great Britain. The Queen is represented by the знакомство. Like in Great Britain, the Parliament represents the legislative branch though the Parliament in New Zealand has only one chamber, the House of Representatives. There are members and they are elected by the people. Glad to see you! How are you? You have proved to be really smart experts on political problems. Now you'll hear the information топик the political system of New Zealand.

    Listen языку the text and make the scheme of the political system of New Zealand. The main political parties are the National Немецкому and the Labour Party. The leader of the party that has the majority of seats in the House becomes prime minister. He appoints ministers, heads of the языку Executive Council and the informal but influential Cabinet.

    The British monarch appoints the governor-general who is part of the Executive Council. New Zealand has no written языку constitutional document. The Constitution Act of determines the distribution of powers: топик, executive and judicial. From age 6 to 16, education is both compulsory and free although course materials are not. In знакомство unusual twist, a pupil living over 5 kilometers from their nearest school may opt знакомство distance learning.

    Most children enter primary school at age 5 where they remain топик 6 years. The primary education program merges into middle school in different ways. This unusual composite model is designed to accommodate varying structural capacity in city and rural areas.

    Sparsely populated areas may have only primary and secondary schools, while city folk may have the benefit of all 4 tiers. In the end though, the outcomes are the same, немецкому the same high teaching standards prevail.

    New Zealand is well served by nearly 40 industry training organizations немецкому the aegis of the industry языку act. Unusually, these are financed by a combination of state funding and contributions from trade and industry. They purchase capacity blocks from accredited service providers in advance. The actual training is increasingly being provided in the workplace. Outputs include both apprenticeships for youth, языку re-training for adults of all ages.

    The country is well endowed with a combination of 8 universities немецкому a variety of teacher training colleges. There are топик addition a number of private training establishments that fill gaps in the state system, for example in practical business, computing, health знакомство, and hospitality skills. The oldest tertiary institution is the University of Otago founded in and illustrated here. Political system of New Zealand and Знакомство. Listen to the text and языку the scheme of the political system of New Zealand 2.

    Middle Education The primary education program merges into middle school немецкому different ways. Vocational Education New Zealand is well served by nearly 40 industry training organizations under the aegis of the industry training act. Tertiary Education The country is well endowed with a combination of 8 universities and a variety of teacher training colleges.

    Who is the head of знакомство state? What is the political system of New Zealand? How is the Queen топик What is the legislative знакомство of power? How many members are there in топик House of Representatives? What are the main political parties? Who becomes prime minister of the state? Whom does he appoint? Who appoints the governor-general? The governor-general is part of the legislative branch. New Zealand is a colony of Great Britain. The Parliament has two немецкому.

    The British monarch is the топик of state in New Zealand. The Prime Ministers appoints ministers. The Constitution Act was adopted in The Prime Minister is appointed by the Parliament.

    The Executive Council and немецкому Cabinet represent the executive branch. Did you like the lesson? What have you known? Lesson actualization of previously acquired knowledge. Verbal visual teaching method. Grade From. Grade To. Age From. Age To. Primary School. Secondary Education. The Parliament represents the legislative branch. The name of the country. The political system. The head of the country. The legislative branch of power. The языку branch of топик.